Which connector do I use to charge the Mini 2 hub?

Hello All. I have recently purchased a mini 2 when charging with the 3 battery’s in the pack which of the two connectors do you use with the charging brick, I see one connection is USB and the other is USB C.
I have noticed that the USB C to C seems to be a lot faster, I thank you for your advice in advance.

John from Cornwall

Hi John,
Use the USB - C connector for charging. Should get them all charged up in about four hours.
Use the USB - A if you want to use your battery pack as a ‘Power Bank’ :smiley:

I have attached the Hub info booklet (PDF)

DJI_Mini_2_Two-Way_Charging_Hub_User_Guide.pdf (2.7 MB)


Hi Graham.
Thank you for that advice I really appreciate your help, the mini 2 is a great bird, I normally fly the M2P and will do but only when the rules allow.
Thank you once again.

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Hi John,

I’m new to flying a drone since the 12th of this month, a DJI Mini 2 and are still building confidence, and getting a workflow in place to try and manipulate the images to get my results to the standards of most the people on here. There are many beautiful pictures and videos that that I see here, and I would really like to achieve similar results. I’ll keep trying and keep gleaning the information and techniques that I pick up. I’ll be there Soon I hope :smiley:

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I’ve just done a test with a USB voltage/current meter and get the following results whilst charging three mini 2 batteries in the battery case:

  1. USB A to USB C lead via standard DJI USB charger. 5v@1A
  2. USB C to USB C lead via Apple USB C charger. 9v@1.5A

So it would seem that a USB C charger is by far the best way to charge your batteries quickly.