Which Inspire 1?

After some advice from Inspire owners (looking at you @PingSpike)

I’ve tracked down a decent used thermal XT camera in US from a contact in DJI. 6k ish, which I thought was a good deal?

So I’ll need an Inspire 1 to fly it. I’m looking at used ones, but what do I need to be looking for? Is the v2 Inspire 1 much better than v1?


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The only differences between them is v2 has larger motors and different prop mounts, A larger gimbal mount to accommodate the X5 , Taller legs again to accommodate the X5.
Hope this helps

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Two differences ‘out of the box’.

The Inspire 1 v2 has more powerful motors than the v1. It also comes with the X5 gimbal plate by default (it’s an optional extra for he v1).

The motor / ESC upgrade was apparently to provide it with more lift, for the X5 camera. But if that’s the case, why do DJI sell upgrade kits to allow the v1 to carry the X5 :man_shrugging:

Motor power goes from 350Kv on the v1 to 420Kv on the v2. But the increase in vertical lift power is at the expense of both max speed and flight time. The v2 is slower than the v1.

If you want to run an X5 on it though you’ll need to fit the leg extension kit, otherwise the X5 will touch the floor. Quite why DJI went to the time/effort/expense of fitting the X5 plate and not the taller landing gear at a cost of about £2 is anyone’s guess :roll_eyes:

I’ve not seen a thermal camera in the flesh but I’m going to guess it’s the size of the X5, rather than the X3?

£6k on a camera? I’d recommend 1) Insurance and 2) Attach the camera to the drone with a wire cable too, if you crash you’ll not want the camera going one direction and the drone going the other :blush:

Check the weight of that camera Glenn, but I’d say you’ll be better off with a v2 for the additional lift - as I guess you’re not too fussed about forward speed in this use case?

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Thanks guys! The devils always in the detail!

An XT 1 640 30hz thermal sensor is 12k new!!! So 6k for a slightly used one, from a friend of a senior guy in DJI seemed good to me!

I can either buy inspire from the guy ($1500, 2x batteries, 1x controller, x3 and case) OR i can just take camera and pick up an inspire in UK. Question is what can i get for the money!?

All links to used inspires welcome :wink:

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That sounds quite overpriced to me.

The market is flooded with inspires, shop around Glenn.

What’s overpriced? The XT zenmuse or the Inspire?

I think the inspire is overpriced by UK used market standards, but I think the XT isn’t bad.

The XT is an absolute bargain.

The Inspire is crazy overpriced compared to both the UK and the US markets - they are even more flooded than we are with used Inspires :confused:

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Jee-whiz! You can pick up an inspire 1 v2.0 WITH an X5 , 2x bats and 2x controllers for £1500!!!

Or an Inspire 1 with all the gear and 12 batteries, yes 12 for a grand!!!


I can’t remember where I read it, I I had heard that DJI are going to be withdrawing ‘support’ for the inspire 1
This effects the price of used ones. As we can see. Might be worth checking with DJI before parting with hard earned.


@Brian you probably read it in various posts on GADC :blush:

The last firmware update for the Inspire 1 was in July 2017.

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I think you guys are right! I’ll sit tight for a while. There’s a Mavic 2 enterprise thermal waiting in the wings too! Odd they never made inspire 2 thermal capable! You can only run the new XT2 thermal on a matrice 200 upwards! Very strange!

The XT2 is a serious bit of kit, dual cameras :grimacing:

Which is what the Mavic “Enterprise Dual” uses too…

So @Longstride - the question becomes:

What’s the difference between the Zenmuse XT at £6k + £1k for an Inspire 1 with extras, versus the Enterprise Dual at £2700 + £500 of extras?

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£3,800. :stuck_out_tongue:


Far as I knew the enterprise/ Mavic thermal is not released yet right? It got delayed?

I think it’ll be way better than original XT on a better platform (the awesome Mavic!)

XT2 gives you dual vision and MSX combined image but that’s kinda it over original XT.

Hobby mounts are trying to knock out a demo mp2 enterprise for about £1600 with accessories if your interested. Hobbymounts.co.uk😁

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Thanks for that! They’re listing the Mavic ent with thermal for £2699 but I thought it wasn’t released yet!?

Def gonna research the Mavic thermal route! New tech on Mavic platform! Gotta be good right?!


Heliguy list theirs as preorder but hobbymounts show in stock.

I’d ring them first, just in case :blush:

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Hobby Mounts are a good and trustworthy outfit if you do decide to go with it.
Always had efficient service from them. :+1:


Hobbymounts are foocking fantastic. I rate them very highly. They were advertising the demo bird they had for the drone show which has only got about 10 mins flight time on it.:grinning:


Just checked hobbymounts website the ex demo mp2 enterptise bird is advertised at £1699 on there main home page😁