Whitby North Yorkshire

Filmed July 2021 Tried to avoid seagulls they were everywhere. Really good weather


Happy memories of last week’s staycation. I tried to fly the Mini 2 while we were there but for the first time, it was pigeons that took a dislike to it and they were as bad as the gulls.

I must admit to getting tired of beach coastal scenes… mainly because they are featureless.

Your however has some interest… moving things, boats… colours are really nice too.

Birds would scare me a bit though… :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

Will show both this and the Scarborough one of these to my Mum as she often visits and will really enjoy these.

Hope you don’t mind some constructive feedback. The yaw and pitch speeds are a bit too quick for my personal liking. You can slow them down in the settings. Some good starting points here, of course if you’re happy with your settings, then ignore me and continue posting great footage. Of course this may have been due to the seagulls, and I know that one!! They’ve ruined some of my cinematic movements in the past.

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Lovely footage and looks like you were lucky with the weather!

As per ensignvorik’s comments, some of turn speeds were a probably a little fast and caused the video to go jaggy. Definitely recommend tuning the gimbal settings for smoother turns to help avoid that kind of tearing but you may also want to consider using an ND filter and manual camera settings to get motion blur on faster moving objects via the “180 degree rule” (shutter speed = twice frame rate). Pros and cons to using ND filters, though, particularly on fixed aperture drones like Mini 2, Air2s etc.

Anyway, great job!

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Thanks for comments will have a look a at settings thanks

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