Whitby & Runswick Bay Panos


Stunning, that second one with the Abbey? is fantastic

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Great shots, love the abbey one :+1:

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Very nice photo’s. Were they taken on manual with nd filters? and aslo on the auto panoramic shot mode or did you stitch them?

I have panorama mode set to “JPEG+RAW” which gives me 21 photos which Lightroom can stitch. The RAW panorama ends up being 300mb+ lol once the JPEG is exported I end up with a 30mb JPEG.
With these shots I was using the ND16 filter which comes with the Fly More Combo. I’m thinking of getting some polarpro filters as the DJI ones are pretty basic.


300mb is a massive file. I just did a 5 shot AEB, but binned the most over exposed on as when I imported them into lightroom still gave too much in the way of highlights. I did end up with quite a nice shot though.
Next time I will try the ND filters and see what happens.

I know😂 great for working with or cropping IF needed.
The basic ND filters are OK to start with but I’m thinking of getting theses ones https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B088931PJL/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_chEjFb91PPA3H
They are rated pretty highly

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It would help to know how you get on with the PolarPro for comparison.
Excellent photo of the Abbey, thanks!

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My panorama files are about the same, 250 to 300mb. I only shoot in RAW though as I have no use for the jpegs. Like you I do export the final RAW file as a JPEG (compression 10) for storage. The files may be large but the quality is awesome! Great if you do large prints.

Absolutely stunning @HazzarUK and a great place to shoot. thanks for sharing.

Fantastic photos of my favourite place , Whitby. I can see my regular drinking hole, the Whitby Brewery just to the left of the Abbey.

Fabulous shots