Whoop with head set recommendations

If i wanted to get a whoop with head set what are my best options?

Do you have any FPV kit at all?

There are basically two ways to go about this.

  1. Get a “Ready To Fly” (RTF) beginner’s kit that includes everything for a reasonable price to get you started. This gets you going quickly, but if you stick with it, you’ll probably outgrow it fairly quickly and have to look at getting pretty much all new stuff.

e.g. BetaFPV Cetus Pro FPV Drone Starter Kit - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop

  1. Put together a basic, beginner’s kit from components. This will be more of a faff and more costly, but will stand you in good stead for moving forward as it should be more upgradeable and you can just add more quads as you progress.

e.g. Happymodel Mobula6 ELRS BNF Brushless Whoop (2.4Ghz/868Mhz) - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop
plus Emax Transporter 2 5.8Ghz FPV Goggles - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop
plus Jumper T-Pro Internal ELRS Module OpenTX RC Transmitter - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop
(£243 - not all currently in stock (welcome to FPV))

I think I’ve grabbed compatible examples there, but it really is just for illustration. I’m sure others will have more suggestions for a decent first setup.

Edit: Whoops, you’ll need some LiPos and a charger as well - probably add another £50ish for them.

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I would go with a Meteor 75 1S, Jumper T-Pro ELRS and BetaFPV VR02 goggles. I have all of those and they are good kit. You can fly the Meteor 75 inside or outside. The VR02 have good image quality and about 4 hours of usage before charging. The quad comes with 2x Lipos and a 2 Lipo USB charger. If you get an 8 pack of lipos, that will give you about 20-25 mins of flying before you need to recharge them.

Jumper T Pro Transmitter (ELRS) | HobbyRC UK - £75 (minus 5% with code)
Meteor75 2022 1S Brushless Whoop Quadcopter - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop - £90
BetaFPV VR02 FPV Goggles - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop - £40
BetaFPV BT2.0 300mAh 1S 30C Battery (pack of 8) - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop - £24

Total = £230 (and some postage)

This is pretty much what i started out with, except I went for 2S Meteor 85. I currently fly a Meteor 75 with slightly more powerful motors on 1S. But when I started out I had the Meteor 85, Jumper T-Pro ELRS and VR02 goggles. Possible upgrades if you have a bit more money, VR03 goggles with DVR are really nice and you can put a polarised antenna on them if you want (£70 from UnmannedTech). 450mAh Lipos (£21 for four from UnmannedTech) instead of 300mAh Lipos.

With this setup you need BT2.0 Lipos (either the BetaFPV ones from UnmannedTech or the Dogcom ones from YourFPV) and lets not go into some flame war about BT2.0. It also comes with a 2 Lipo USB charger, so no need to buy a separate one. Charge time is about 15 mins for 2 Lipos (from 3.5v). If you went down this route I would probably buy one of the bigger 6 Lipo chargers. Having around 20x 300mAh Lipos would give you an hour of flight time.

This setup works and I was flying it yesterday without issue. It is also all in stock and available. With this type of setup you can fly inside, outside and range wise, probably 1/4 mile without issue (I managed that yesterday).

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Thank you @PathfinderFPV @Earwig a lot to think about, i like the look of the small micro whoops that dont need much tinkering with and can fly outside and indoors :thinking:

I realy want to get a feel if i will be any good at it with out spending too much money :moneybag:

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Make sure you get one with brushless motors. They handle a breeze better outside.

Maybe get a cheap controller that can be used with a simulator (I think there’s one for about £35, @gunja99 may remember) and try that first. There are decent, free sims to be had.

It is very much akin to learning to ride a bike. There’s a knack to it that’s hard to grasp, but once you do it’s a definite breakthrough.

Radiomaster T8 Lite. £30 from various places. I got mine from HobbyRC. I got it because it caters for D8 quads, but it mainly gets used for Liftoff, Liftoff Micro and Freerider. Fly for 15 mins a day, in acro mode. Watch as many freestyle videos as you can and learn to do some basic stuff like powerloops and rolls in the sim. When you hit around 20 hours of flying in the sims, head outside with your whoop and just fly. In fact, just take it out as much as possible and fly (in angle mode initially).

All I would say on the topic of whether you will be any good is this. Can you drive a car, ride a bicycle, walk down a path and have good common sense?

If you answered Yes to all of those, then you won’t have any problems flying FPV.
If you answer No to any of those, maybe consider taking up knitting or crocheting.

Sounds like i might be ok :joy:

The other reason for getting a 75mm is the possibility of doing upgrades (down the line) as your flight skill level improves.

Take the motors up to 1002 18000kv or 1102 18000kv on 1S. You don’t need to do soldering for this upgrade path for most 5A boards. The motors use connectors on the Meteor FC’s and some others. Just unplug/unscrew the old motors, plug in and screw in the new ones, make a couple of changes in BF and go fly. Basically it’s a £30 tweak that gets you a bit more grunt.

You can take the FC up to a 12A AIO and open up 2S and take the motors up to 1002 14000kv or 1102 18000kv. You will have to do some soldering for this upgrade route.

What you lose is flight time, what you gain is pure unadulterated power. I suspect you will think about this maybe a month or two after you start flying acro. 1S is sweet for indoors, but outdoors, 2S rules for whoops. But best is if you have something that does both.

Or you could of course buy more whoops (like most of us who have 3 or 4). :smiley: