Why can't I view Kuula panos?

In many of the Pano threads there are images I can not see, these usually have Kuula top left, black background and a for ever scrolling bar.

I wonder if I am missing some sort of plug in, Firefox browser in Linux?



Could be the browser does not have all the extensions you need for Kuula to work. Most of us here will be using Windows or Mac OS and an HTML 5 supported browser. As far as I can tell Kuula does not need Flash so its not that.

Can you use Chrome on that Linux box ? Would try a different browser if you can.

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See if you can view the Kuula site proper to rule out if it’s an embed issue

OK thanks for the advice, visiting the main site I still had the issue, using a google based browser, is not something I would do, but!

One of the security measures I put in place to stop phishing was to use a ‘user agent’ to say I used a Mac browser safari. Switched that off defaulting to Firefox and I can view it OK. So the site must send some thing which is browser specific, probably the panning commands etc. But at least I now know what the issue is.



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Agreed, we do the same thing on Drone Scene too as every browser handles things differently.

I’m surprised you don’t run in to more problems doing that :blush:

I can disable the spoofing on a site per site basis, so that should be a solution for me, I guess I should be able to trust this site?

It is just my way of thinking, if a site is not using one of the published versions of HTML that are standard in all browsers and wishes to interact with some foible of a specific browser, or tries to interact directly with the operating system then it should be blocked as a security risk.