Why does my video and images save to phone memory sometimes, SD card other times

I never go in and adjust the settings, they’re all still set as per default, but sometimes it saves onto the internal SD card and sometimes it saves straight to my phone. It’s very convenient going straight to my phone, but does anyone know why it would switch between the 2 if I’ve not adjusted the settings? Maybe which order I switch on and plug everything in determines it?

Which make of drone?

Which model?

Which app? Which version of the app?

Android or iOS? Which version?

People will need some details @thegibbon


Urgh, sorry of course. :man_facepalming:t2:

DJI Mini2 drone
DJI Fly app
Google Pixel 3 XL Android version 11.

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I’ve noticed that photos started to appear directly into the ‘photos’ on my iPhone with a DJI Mini 2 and 1.4 version of Fly app but there is a setting in the fly app called ‘Autosync HD photos’ which is on. I can’t remember turning it on and it never used to do it.
I’m not sure whether thats the reason or not. I mean if it said ‘Auto sync HD photos to phone’ I’d be in with a shout of knowing :face_with_monocle:
I could turn it off and see what happens I suppose.


@thegibbon can I just check, when it’s saving to the phone does it also leave the original on the SD card?

Or are you saying it only saves to one or the other?

As per @Fad_Flyer points there too, what’s your “Storage Location” (in Settings > Camera) set to?


Fad_Flyer I’m pretty sure you are right. The auto sync photos definitely does sync the photos to an album on your phone as you are taking them. You should still have the original copy on your sd card too. I used to sync manually but when you take alot of photos in one sitting this is a long boring task. I can’t remember what update it was that activated this feature for me but when it happened I thought to myself “Why the hell didn’t I just do this before?”, so I left it active lol

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It should always save normal photos & videos to SD card unless there’s a problem with it, upload your flights to Airdata. That will show you flight notifications and I know from experience warnings also appear on screen if the card fails.

It doesn’t save stitched panos or quickshots,they are created in the Fly app although the original quickshot video with no music or DJI ending logo is on the card.

The autosync has always been there since I got a 2 just after they launched and from memory, it was on by default.


I always used to auto save HD photos to my phone as basically I’m a lazy sod so didn’t have to fiddle about with sd cards however with the latest DJI Fly app the option seems to have gone.

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Yeah, leaves originals on the SD card. It’s done it twice now but not consecutively. Both times (saving items to phone directly) I’ve thought, “OH? weird, great, saves me from downloading everything afterwards, but it didn’t do that before!”

I’ll plug all in tomorrow to check what settings I’ve got it on.

Thanks all.

I hope it’s a bug in the Flyapp as I noticed not all my images/ videos were synced to my iPhone as I’d rather they did that too than just on the SD card.

Transferring anything to an IPhone can be a pain as Apple love to lock down folders to ‘read-only’

I think normal photos (ie not raw) are saved automatically. Videos have to be downloaded (ideally using the fast transfer option) and raw images can only be downloaded to a computer.

Android, I’ve found it can create 3 copies of a photo, confusing when they’re all uploaded to OneDrive. There’s the photo on SD card with the DJI filename you’d expect. If it saves an HD copy to the phone that filename’s got _original on the end and there’s a thumbnail to which Fly adds _thunmbnail. That’s not a typo on my part.