Why does YouTube ruin videos

The original looks brilliant on the PC and my phone. Upload to youtube and it sucks. 360 video.

Is it because they are making everything SD instead of HD at the moment?

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HD here:



I think it might be the compression they adopt - I put one up yesterday, viewed it and deleted it - great on my monitor but even colour grading seemed to have been compressed out ( if thats possible ?). I have to do about 15 key presses now and go through several menus just to see my subscriptions etc - and even now I can make any comments or see any notifications - just spinning wheels. Its a shambles for absolutely no reason.

This really annoys me too. I’ve read up a ton on this… Initially, the video will only be available in SD and lower resolutions until YouTube servers “process” the HD footage. That’s complete when you can manually select higher resolution settings just as @Pterodactyl stated above.

Loads of YouTube users complain about this and there used to be a way to have your brower or app always play in HD but YouTube got rid of this capability. They also say that it’s “wrong” to force video’s to only play in HD as some users may attract high data charges. Personally I think that’s rubbish and you should be able to default to HD and have the ability for users to decrease the quality if they need or want to…

Otherwise, this limitation of YouTube is just diminishing the user experience and lessens the value of all HD filming.

However - we should remember that YouTube is free and as the expression goes (relative to free software and services), “if you’re not paying for it, then you’re the product” (think Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc.)

I would imagine there are other services out there that do allow HD only but I’ve not found a good one yet!

Nice video btw! What did you record that with? I thought it was a drone to begin with and that you would be scaring all the other walkers :joy:. Wasn’t immediately obvious (to me at least) that it was a clever 360 pano. Might want to consider adding the hardware to the description and including a reference in the title and description that it’s an interactive 360 pano! Nice work, keep it up

Used the insta 360 one X, you’re right about the description, however when open in the YouTube app it does say it’s a 360.

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Nice vid.
I posted something like once on here and was told off for being too close to V,V,people or structures etc.

How on earth do we avoid such?

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I also see the 4K option (albeit 21hrs later):

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What about VIMEO?
I used it for a short while, seemed to be more professional (what ever that meant at the time) but it seemed pointless to upload to both so I stopped using it. It has a cost of course but I didn’t find it too excessive.

I’d be interested in other users views on VIMEO
Would it be more suitable for us guys who are more quality orientated?

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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Been a Vimeo Plus user since 2013 and have 300+ videos on there now (not all drone related) - I’d not go anywhere else :blush:

Hi Rich
Can you upload in 4K and have it almost instantly available at that resolution?

Not sure @Steviegeek - I normally just upload and leave it to work its magic.

Tell the drone police objectors to fuck off.


@AG-Cranes It’s a insta 360 one x on a selfie stick.:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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To be honest, I’ve not tried Vimeo… Should do really, if only to compare options. I like watching the vids on the tv and they have Sky Q boxes so stream YouTube well. Currently not sure if Vimeo is available on Skyq… Will investigate. Thanks for the suggestion :+1: