Will FreeFlight Pro for the Bebop drone run on the iPhone 5S?


Hi all, have bebop 2 drone and galxy a5 plus Freeflight pro app, but app closes down when i touch screen on my phone so lookslike android is not compatble with the app ? iv used my wifes iphone 6s and it flyes great so looking for cheap iphone just to use for drone dose iphone5s work with freeflight pro ?has any one tryed it on a 5s …Gaz


Hi Gaz,

Looking at the “Compatibility” section on the iTunes App Store, it says:

Requires iOS 9.0 or later

So I’m guessing as long as the iPhone 5S is running iOS9 it’ll run FreeFlight ok?


Not tried it on a 5s Gaz, but it ran fine on my S8 and its fine on my S9+ so dont think its simply an Android problem.

Have you tried shutting all apps down when starting it? Could also try an older apk.

Ive got an ipad mini4 which it also runs great on. If your budget could stretch to a used one, its worth it for the larger screen.


Ill try shutting down all my apps ,
Might get the ipad 4mini as a stand a lone controllerThanks for the advice ,