Will the iPhone 13 Pro still work with my drone?

I was about to buy a new phone today.
Probably an iPhone 13 pro.
Will the drone plug into it exactly the same is it does in my correct iPhone 10?

What drone are you using?


Chances are if you using the lightning connector on the iPhone X the iPhone 13 will have the same so will be fine. :ok_hand:t4:


Assuming it’s the 2 pro :ok_hand:t4: Looking at his profile. :+1:


Profile says Mavic Pro so I would say yes it will still work providing the GO4 app is compatible with the newer tech which I would assume it would be.


Although are the newer Apple phones now using the standard USB-C connections? :man_shrugging:t2: I’m not an Apple phone user so not 100% sure.

Still on lightning connector so all will be cool.

Just sign in the app as you or set up phone as new phone from your old one

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