Willington Cooling Towers nr Derby - fly by


My latest offering;)
Overcast day: however really enjoyed composing these shots.
4 mins long. I wanted it shorter but I wanted to keep in the range of shots we set up, so it is a bit “self indulgent” for 5 large blobs of concrete;)
For those that dont know: Wallington Power Station was decommed 20 years ago and these magnificent structures are still standing.
Went with a mate and we spotted for eachother
Hope you enjoy and as always: appreciate the feedback
PS my first real full edit on FCPX



LOL Wallington not Willington;)



Magnificent structures & flying ( I have a ways to go yet ) What is the role of the spotter?



The spotters job is to give u an extra pair of eyes, so they can look at the drones position as it’s easy to get disoriented as you are concentrating on the “perfect” shot😉


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Cheers Steve. I go by the rule that ‘presumption is not knowledge’ preferring ‘a word to the efficient is sufficient’ so thanks for the heads-up. :+1:



Well done @Clarkey Steve I knew you had it in you :wink:
No jerky movements that I noticed

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My favourite subject

Although mine are a little more active



Wow, thats what they call a Run n Gun then;)
I may be calling on your skills again Chris as Im upgrading to an iMac so I can run H265…

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