Willington power station

Amazing place to visit with the drone. The stacks are all that remain of the old power station now.


Seen quite a few vids now of the cooling towers but you captured some of the better ones there, well done @Proteous
I liked the one at 1m30s where you drop down inside the tower, though I must confess to being worried you’d completely lose connection with the Mavic as the tower would be shielding the signal. Though I suppose it depends on where you were standing at the time - did you notice any signal loss?

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Great video.

Willington has been on my list for a few years.

Were you inside the tower when you dropped in from the top?

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sound like a meet up?

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Thank you very much for your comments. As a begginer it means a lot to know im going in the right direction.
I was stood about 100 yards away from the towers when i dropped down. Actually in the big field you see in the vid. The site was blocked off to public access. I didnt get any drop of signal at all however as i approached the bottom i got a slight pixel effect on the ipad for about a second.

Hey i will go back anytime so if your going to plan a meet up please count me in.

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Deffo, you know I have a thing for cooling towers


I’m planning on visiting a number of sites on the bike this summer - rideouts with a purpose :sunglasses: - the towers are a definite! (Before they get demolished, which has been on the cards for some time sadly.)

Give me a shot I’m up for urban decay type shoots both on the ground and in the air

Hey Ed, we should meet up on the bikes sometime. When im out on the bike the drone is always in the back.

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That would be great :+1:
Unfortunately I won’t have the bike back on the road till April so the Towers will be my first on-bike jaunt.

Real tragedy that they will be destroyed.
One of these would make a nice 60 room villa with panoramic views and a Olympic size heated infinity swimming pool on top …
Just the spare £ 10 million should cover it… :joy: