Wind Turbine - Ashby

It was my hope that I could have gotten closer to this turbine to do much more with it, but I was a bit too scared to have my Mini 3 Pro too close to it. I have not had it long so I am still getting my head around things so this was as brave as I would get.


Great scenic vid there, them mini 3’s are awesome for that . Even as an FPV flyer im so tempted to get one just to get some shots like that.

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thanks for the comment - yeah even in the wind it was really solid - I did do some hyper laps stuff but I need to work on that a bit more - 25 mins of flying for 4 seconds of footage haha not great but its all part of the learning process - I will be back soon as its only a few miles away from home and the lane up to where I parked was good fun in my Jeep too so win win haha

Problem is the closer you get they take up more than one frame and the stitching can be out

Trust me you can get a lot closer no problem…

great pano though.

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Easy when they are not turning ;o)


Not much different when they are to be honest. Just wouldn’t go through the blades.


Daunting as it seems, getting close is easier approaching from behind it, here my little flyby


agreed, one day I’ll be brave though …

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Agreed :+1: I’ve got the UK’s largest onshore windfarm on my doorstep, flown around it several times.


Yeah know what you mean. I ment my physical self so I could have a better view of where the drone was in ref to the turbine as this one was moving at the time and where I was I could not see how close the blades were to the drone so I didn’t want to chance anything :+1:t3:

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Would love to do something like this but it would have to be stationary - this one was moving and I just could not really work out how close the blades would be to the drone so kept my distance as there was not what to recover it due to the high fence etc.

Epic vid that though than a for sharing

Awesome vid there Steve. Wow

Yeah will try another location for this sort of footage. :+1:t3:

Thank you, young man :smile:

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Love the VR-style video. How did you create that with your Mini 3?

On the mini3 if you tap where you change from video to photo but then scroll up / down you will get the extra options for things like hyperlapse / pano etc

In Pano mode set it to the one that does globe and then hit the start as if you were taking a photo / video and it will take all the photos and stitch them.

Once done you can then use Kuula to upload the pano photo as a single file and it will do all the other stuff for you.

Or panoee which has a lot more features on the free plan ;o)

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Brilliant - I’ve never seen that before. Thanks for this tip, mate!

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