So with the wind being what it is at the moment…

What’s the highest wind you have or will fly in.

I’ve flown in 35mph winds without to many problems.

So what about you?

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What drone was that, if you don’t mind me asking??

I build my own race drones. No auto flight modes. No self levelling etc :slight_smile:

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It’s all about safety. Wind speeds on the ground might be 35mph but further aloft is a different matter. And of course it’s only a measure of ‘mean’ wind speeds, the gusts can be much higher, as much as double the mean speed.
Having said that…I generally keep to no more than 25mph, I like to have more power in reserve for my drone to cope to enable safe and comfortable flying.
Different drones and people will of course handle winds differently. I know the limits of what my drone and myself are safe and comfortable with.
I used to teach motorcycling many years ago, and always have this advice when riding in a group.
Just because your mate in front made it thro the corner at 100mph doesn’t mean to say you will, his bike might have his suspension slightly stiffer, tyres slightly newer and warmer, might not have got caught in a sudden gust of wind, so many variables. Ride for yourself, not for others, and you’ll be fine. Same goes for flying I s’pose

Wise words, most of the smaller drones >7kg can safely operate at up to 10m/s 22-23mph.
I found this out the hard way last year flying at the beach, I didn’t check the wind, lost gps about 300 m away. The drone went into atti mode and couldn’t fight the wind I eventually managed to land it 2km away downwind in a farmers field. It could have ended much worse as I also lost connection several times and didn’t know where it was. I originally thought it was a ‘fly away’ but later realised it was pilot error. Not checking wind speed and operating outside of the drones capabilities.

I think that is fpv racing drone pilots can fly in far tougher conditions to the dji people. We have oodles of power on tap and don’t tend to go very high or far really.