Windmill Hill (Avebury) .... older than Stonehenge & all the Pyramids!

Many folk are aware of Avebury, the largest Neolithic site in Britain. But what most don’t know is that there is something much older, only a mile away … *Windmill Hill … the largest Neolithic causewayed enclosure in Britain! :astonished:

Hope you enjoy it :+1:


Really enjoyed that Chris. Not just the video and music but also the introduction with the information. Well done.

Cheers Bruce! Thanks for that, it meants a lot :grin: And glad that you enjoyed it :+1:

Stunning site and beautiful footage

Cheers Guy, much appreciated :+1:

Really enjoyed that, informative and well constructed. Inspiration for novices like me.

Stunning shots, appreciate the research and information added. Thank you.

Great film and very informative. I share your fascination with ancient monuments and sites and look forward to more of the same. I hope to do a few of my own and will aspire to attempt your standard!. Thank you very much.

Thanks John! Great feedback :pray: Thank you!

Thanks Clive! I only found this place when I was searching for Windmills during last year’s GADC Birthday Competition, otherwise - I wouldn’t have known. Glad you enjoyed it mate :+1:

Thanks Les! That’s kind of you to say. I am glad there are few of us history nerds on here :joy: Thanks for the feedback :+1:

This is thoughtfully done. It is great to hear some history that isn’t that blackadder dude (Sorry blackadder dude!)

one of my shut-down triggers is music, so I was pleased that when it came to music time you went over to subtitles. Thanls :smiley:

If you don’t mind some well meaning crit, imho it doesn’t need the google zoom in shot. I don’t think it adds anything, it is too quick to see where it is. On your next vid maybe look for um, er, like doomsday maps? book of doom? oh bloody 'ell, old maps. I mean old historic maps. Personally I think it woudd be more in keeping with the whole history thing.

How you finding the pocket?

That was fantastic and informative , :+1:

Thanks Chris!

You’re in for a rough ride with drone vids then, because just about all of them have music - which in most videos I’ve seen, really does complement the footage. In my opinion, it would be very monotonous if it was completely silent :thinking:

It’s a fair shout. I added it for those who aren’t aware of the location. If it adds no value, I will remove it.

Great! I am slowly getting the hang of it. It isn’t as simple as I thought it would be. But the results speak for itself :+1:

Thanks Martin! I am glad you liked it, and thank you for the lovely comment! :+1:

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hehehe don’t I know it! tbh I don’t get through many ppls’ vids anymore. Esp the fpv ones and all usually on silent. I can’t watch many, if they turn around too quick I get vertigo! It is ridiculous, thats what happens for vast majority of vids now. I was MM designer before too!
I just think it was a little too quick getting there and a bit too zoomed in at the end, not enough visual info. It is some very pretty fields true but a little zoomed out with I dunno, you mention a mile north of Avebury, so a marker at Avebury. I dunno, I just thought a bit of old map porn would be nice there.

Ref pocket, yeah it seems great quality. I wondered how it fared in the field. Does the gimbal feel floppy? Does it seem robust? Did you hold it or have it clipped to you. Was the sound from it too? I’m trying really hard to get back in to video/graphics and a bit of new tech always helps. Brave of you to tackle the winds today :open_mouth:

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It works well, though I did buy a sturdier sleeve for it at TinyRigs, which allows me to store everything within it (mic, filters, tripod, etc.). It does allow you to connect/control via your phone, and use that as the view finder - which I do use controlling the camera when vlogging at a distance. The gimbal does not feel floppy and it is robust. I have dropped it several times, with no issue. I do have a ruck sack mount, which I use for the ‘walking down a long path’ shots, but mainly I hold it in my hand. Hope this helps.

I forgot to mention, I use the Pocket 2 with the DJI Wireless Mic, which I find to be amazing. It is supplied with the DJI Pocket 2 if you opt for the Creator Combo edition.