WINDY - Wind forecast app

I found this android app today. It’s new to me but no doubt you all use it and wonder why I’ve put it here :slight_smile:

It has a lot to it once you get into it but what sold it to me (apart from it being free) was the at-a-glance colour coding for the hard of thinking. I’ve set it so that any yellow, orange or red is out of my flying comfort zone. Unlike the free version of UAV Forecast it gives wind predictions for the next few days so you can plan ahead.

There is an online community and the app seems well supported by the developers. Also available for IOS. The pro version is paid either by monthly subscription or a one-off lifetime fee. If you invite three friends via the app you get a month’s subscription free but, for me, that means going out and trying to make two more friends than I already have :frowning:


I use it all the time. And as a bonus it shows tides as well which is useful as I live on the coast. I would say it’s 75% accurate for a week ahead.

I’m lucky with weather information, there are four maritime weather stations nearby, one of the four Chimet is a mile offshore from “my” beach and shows the historical and real-time data.

Doesn’t give rainfall though, I have to call the dog in and see if she’s wet for that.



What is the name of the app ?





Its available on IOS too - thanks for the heads up :+1::+1::+1:

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Lovely job, thanks! Downloading…

Or another good app for flying is to use UAV forecast

I have used it and yes, it is good for our purposes but limited to 24 hours in the free version. Windy is helping me plan a flight over an SSSi that needs north(ish) wind less than 10mph and at a certain state of the tide for which the harbourmaster needs at least 24 hours notice. Windy is helping with that :slight_smile:


Just downloading the app on ios will give it a try.