Wing time


Lol go easy man. Don’t do a Pickle :laughing:

Something went wrong



Oh shit, that looks bad
Do you know what happened ?

I’ve built a couple of Capr…2’s for ‘clients’
IMHO the hinge plastic cover over the avionics bay is crap, the front ‘hinge holes’ are so frail one broke for no bloody reason, the winglets are cheap and nasty, I used better screws and added two more.
The motor bay on the second one was narrower than the first, needed modding to fit the stock motor.
end of rant, but very disappointing for a TBS product. :frowning_face:

Hope you can get yours repaired, look forward to seeing it fly at a field close to you one day :smiley:

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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It went from auto lauch into a landing mode at speed. My guess is I had a switch set wrong at launch. But who knows. Bit of hot glue and it will be fine


Any logs from the FC :thinking:

Nah I don’t run logging most of the time. I’m 99% sure it’s user error


Ok was user error. It was in a rth mode and landed itself. Good news… its almost all back together. Will be trying again this week

Landed itself? :laughing:

Well it became one with the ground!

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Well it’s all reassembled good as new. Went over the config with a fine tooth comb and found a few things I wasn’t happy with so fixed that too. Ready for maiden attempt 2