Winters day in Airdrie

No work due to snow a couple of weeks ago, first time getting to fly for a while! First part is the fields next to my street and then the old quarry across the road!

Music by myself again


That looks amazing with the covering of snow, I like the one of the bird below you on the lake, :+1:


Thank you, yeah, when I was flying, I seen the seagulls and wondered if I could get above them , they fly quite low here! It’s just an old quarry but looks good with snow! :+1:

Very well done Ivor :clap: :clap: Doesn’t look like the Airdrie I remember lol

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Cheers mate, lol, yeah, a different side of Airdrie, it’s my local place for practicing!

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Very atmospheric images and soundtrack - nice job! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks a lot Mavic!