Winterton Cafe, Norfolk


Being pretty much a resident now on the Norfolk coastline, and seeing its erosion over the past 40 years, had to pop the drone up and take some footage…


How long does it have left??


They only have insurance for this year, is I guess the next big storm will probably take it away looking at the rest of the coastline, I have been plotting the coast on and off for nearly a year, and it sure takes a beating


That’s a shame :slightly_frowning_face:

Would you happen to know if the rate of erosion is increasing year on year? :thinking:


Oh yes, its amazing the erosion rate, but it changes every year, and also if there is a major storm etc, I have video footage also, but this year am hoping to plot the whole east coast


Are you physically / geographically measuring this too Steve?

As in, how many meters are being lost each year?

It’d make an interesting map overlay I’m sure!


Just starting to overlay what I take, need more footage for sure, so if anyone else has footage, I will work on Video also over the next week


What will the owners do next year? Carry on trading as long as they can?

But then what?

Difficult situation, I doubt they could sell it?!


That’s when it becomes a genuine “beach cafe” … :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not sure if they intend to try and move it a bit, but with the costs v erosion, its how far inland do you go, then it looses its beach appeal