Wiral lite Cable Camera the Alternative to Filming with a Drone

Why would you compare a cable camera to a Drone?

Its not cheap either considering you don’t get a camera with it :scream:

Keep seeing this pop up on FB looked once, saw the price, never looked again.:sweat_smile:


Clever bit of kit, but how in shits name do you string a length of para cord across both sides of a loch/lake/river ?


Fly it over with a drone? :grin:

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Just a comment from a user and a Drone flyer. I have one of these kits that I purchased at a photographic show two years back and I was very impressed. I only use it as an alternative system if I can’t use my drone for walking football projects. Our council is very restrictive until I showed I knew what I was doing with the drone. However, with the ball of string and moving camera head I don’t have to tell anyone and its very simple to set up, it does take 10min to set up and zoom around

With the hand held controller it works fine and people are just as interested seeing it fly up and down with my 360 camera on. I sent quite a lot of time talking with the two owners and designers in the company at the exhibition and it was very interesting the story behind the development of the system