Not flown for 2 1/2 weeks now, the forecast is shite for the weekend so that will be another week.
I am seriously missing it now.:sob::sob::sob::sob:


Me too


Looks like weather is picking up middle of next week but long range says rest of Feb to be awful again. :sob:


Absolute shite weather here in Northumberland. But will go into front garden today and fly a wee bit as its safe between the high hedges. Iā€™m doing this as I want to make a screen recording and also gopro footage of the MM. Wanting to edit MM footage with gopro footage and screen recording blended in. That should keep me busy for the day!!


Yes that is the same here in London as well

The West of Scotland has been a nightmare in Jan. I managed to get out for 1 day but it was quite gusty and gave up after 20min. Going up to Perth next week for a couple of days so should be able to get out in the nicer weather (hopefully) . Jan has been a write off here.