Woah! What a machine. Bambu Labs X1C

OMG, I can’t believe it. After 4 years of tweaking and heartaches, just got myself an X1C. It is mind blowingly fast and just prints as it should. Next generation. This is straight off the bed, no supports.



I saw a video on this printer last week. It prints the Benchy in around 15 minutes - that is blummin fast. I like the multicolour filament loader on top too - allowing prints with up to 16 colours I recall.

Well done :+1:

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Yeah, I did the Benchy - of course! The speed is awesome and the quality is astonishing. It’ll happily print at 300mm/sec.
I haven’t done much multicolour stuff yet but it’s great having the facility to run normal filament and support filament which breaks off so easily.
The AMS unit takes 4 colours, you can link another 3 units which gives you the 16 different filaments, but that would cost a whole lot more. You truly can use it right out of the box!