DJI Mini3 Pro.

Any idea what’s causing this ‘wobble’? It doesn’t always happen, and I’ve not noticed a common denominator when it does. Is it a simple case of gimble recalibration? In which case, why did it suddenly need recalibrating? Is that something that just needs doing occasionally? Or, is something faulty?

No real idea, a Mini 3 Pro shouldn’t be doing that. What is the rating of the SD card you are using. Does the problem occur with a hi-spec and genuine card like a Sandisk (there are a LOT of fake cards out there - be careful!)

Have a look at this “jello” topic @iomkeith

As others have said it’s almost certainly gimbal vibration - possibly from the gimbal mechanism not being able to move freely or from an imbalance in the drone itself. The jello effect is due to the way the CMOS sensor in the camera scans the image, called rolling shutter (which scans the image line by line from top to bottom, a bit like an old crt TV used to). If the vibration is significant the sensor can’t refresh quick enough and you get skew. It’s also the reason why vertical objects bend when you pan a camera too quickly.

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I’d be inclined to check that the gimbal rubber mounts are still in situ and correctly located. Next on the list would be props - possible imbalance due to damage or incorrect fitment.

I would contact DJI and show them the video

At a glance, I figure that this is not mechanical wobble, but the waviness indicates a problem somewhere in the image data processing / transmission / recording.

Back in the days of analog TV, we would get this kind of thing when an aircraft flew over, possibly an effect of interference from ground radar maybe.

If anyone is interested…

I contacted DJI who suggested a few things to try, for example, recording to the internal storage, to rule out memory card writing error. Nothing worked. They emailed a returns slip and a customs form. It was sent by courier, DJI checked it & kept me up to date. They confirmed it was a faulty gimbal. Twelve days after posting the faulty one off, a nice new drone arrived in the post.

Certainly can’t fault DJI’s after care. Now I just need these storms to pass, so I can fly it!

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… result :clap: :clap: :clap: