Wollaton hall

taken today Wollaton hall famous for been in BATMAN: the Dark knight :slight_smile: (i think )


Nice pic! have you taken your drone over the lakes off to the right? Should be some nice views over there.

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yea i was going to but was getting strong wind warnings and 100s of birds haha (also they now have a drone policy in place :frowning:

Is drone flying totally verboten? We used to walk the dogs there from time to time, but I’ll be gutted if I can’t take my new toy there too!

sadly cant take off from the grounds but if you get permission and this from Wollaton hall page :

" Drone policy

We do not allow drone flying at any time over Wollaton Hall and Deer Park except by contractors commissioned by Nottingham City Council for a specific purpose, who satisfy stringent CAA criteria, have the correct insurances and are operating under controlled conditions.

Well, that sucks! Does the whole parkland count as deer park, do you know?

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yea the whole deer park like no flying over the entire place :frowning: unless permission

Nice shot there @Airlessmean. And I thought it was only the NT and EH who ‘think’ they own the airspace above their property!

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well all i know is that is what it states over the hal/deer park on their website :frowning:
mean hey i want nice shots hah

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Even without permission so long as you take off and land outside of their boundary you should keep out of trouble, mate. Have had to do this a bit when visiting EH sites in the past.

sorry to be A BIT OF A DUMMY but what does NT and EH mean haaha!

Would love to fly and take pictures at Wollaton Hall. Did you fly from the grounds and did you get stopped?

I’m guessing at National Trust and English Heritage


Tbh i honestly didnt know about the drone policy so i took off from the grounds and didnt get stopped, lots of people looking though hah!

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Yeah. A lot of fantastic places to fly if you can avoid the staff.


Been today 2 other drones there flying outside the house lol

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