Wood PLA

Has anyone printed wood PLA with success :thinking:

One of our sideboard draw knobs has broken, I had designed one and printed it

I am just wondering if the wood PLA is any good


Have found that wood PLA prints are a little weaker and more brittle than normal PLA.

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I did a shed load of stuff a couple of years ago. I found it printed quite well. It sands really easily. But difficult to colour match to real wood. The hotter your hot end the darker the print.

This is the last thing i printed in wood pla

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Another thing is that depending on the brand, it is best to use a 0.4 nozzle rather than a 0.2 to prevent clogging Send the stl file my way and I can give it a bash over the weekend.

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Cheers @PPL, Only ever used the nozzles that came with my Ender 3 Pro which are 0.4mm. It is @Sparkyws that is looking to print in Wood PLA

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This is a dark wood effect, works fine on basic PLA settings


Thanks for the offer but I’ve already printed it :+1:

Not quite a colour match but it is better than one missing :grinning:

Thanks everyone for your input :+1:

Get it sanded, some coloured varnish it will look the part.


As Steve suggested :grinning: I sanded and painted my new knob :grimacing:

And this is it fitted :grinning:

The 3D printer is no longer an eyesore or a useless bit of kit but is now the Dogs in our house :joy::joy:

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Which is the new one?

On the right first picture

Bottom centre fitted

Well got to be honest I struggled to see which it was, that in itself shows how good PLA Wood is once sanded and treated :slight_smile:


Forgive my ignorance, but is the plastic infused with wood fibre, or just wood colour?

Wood PLA is a PLA-based composite 3D printer filament – a specially formulated, unique blend of 40% of the formula is made from recycled wood fibres, 60% being recycled PLA. As the name suggests, Wood PLA filament provides a realistic wood colour, finish and even smell!

Pretty cool … I’ve invested in CnC so far, but being able to print ‘wood’ is quite interesting.

Do you need a specific 3D printer to use it?

No its very easy to print, I use a entry level Ender 3 v2

Get some meat printed next :wink: