Woodbury, Exeter

Does anyone on here know if I’m allowed to fly my drone at Woodham in Exeter? I can see on the maps that there is a RC club there and a Model Airfield car park. I’m not looking to be doing anything exciting… just to practice the figure of 8 and low level flying…
Any advise would be brill. :slight_smile:

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If you haven’t already, download the NATS Drone assist, very helpful app for finding out where you can and cannot fly.

And if you can, add it to https://dronescene.co.uk/

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Or three birds with one stone - Use Drone Scene to find out if you’re allowed to fly there, add the location to the map then use DS to log your intended flight :smiley:


:point_up:t4: This!


Using one of the recommended apps (I use also) I could find Exeter but not Woodham near Exeter, you have Exeter Airport near by which has the normal very large No Fly Zone so you would need to be careful… plus several other NFZ… looks like you would need to go further afield which is normal for us Dronies…
It doesn’t really matter whether you only want to fly figure of eights or 400ft pano shots, the regs are the same, follow the Drone code and you should be OK, but no one said it is easy finding a good spot… because its not… Cheers

happy safe flying…


I live in Exeter and have no idea where Woodham is either :wink: If you give me your location I can check on the apps, or you could just install them, they are free.


Sorry… my auto correct changed the name and I didn’t proof before posting :confused: (Lesson learnt) it was meant to say Woodbury… I popped down and had a fly anyway… I kept away from the model airfield as there was a lot of RC planes in the sky. Wasn’t many people about and as the signs in the carpark had no mention… and the app wasn’t showing a NFZ I took the chance. I will still dig a little deeper to see if I was in the wrong. But hoping not as it’s a great area :slight_smile:

Here’s what drone assist shows

I was inside my little red circle so think I was safe :slight_smile:
Is a big area and never been there before so not sure where the best part is yet… Will keep looking while I’m furloughed :slight_smile:

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if you want to meet up sometime give me a shout

Hi pross. That would be good. As I’m still on furlough until July I’m good to meet up at any point… just say a time and day and I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Shame the weather is looking pretty crap for the next week or so… I’ll DM you when we get a break in the weather, never been up to woodbury common riden past it a few times on the m.bike.

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I went up to the common once but found there was not much of any interest to photograph, plus as you say the model aircraft club fly up there. Although saying that its probably a good place to practice if you’re just starting.
The Exe Estuary is much more interesting and safe to fly over which I do all the time.
Happy flying

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What part of the Exe Estuary do you fly at? I often cycle that route to Dawlish and back… didn’t cross my mind to fly there :slight_smile:

The East side of the Exe. At low tide there is plenty of foreshore and space. Just keep clear of the CTCRM. NATS will show that.