World of Wedgwood, Barlaston - Cinematic video with history

My latest video from my YouTube Channel: @DocColVideo

Great place to visit and plenty to see, and do, if your in the mood for making pots (although recreating the scene from the 1990 film ‘Ghost’ isn’t advised!).

A full description of the visiting centre, places to eat and museum etc can be found in my Drone Scene entry by clicking here :point_down:

Drone Scene World of Wedgwood entry


I enjoyed that, and learnt a lot too. I bet they regret selling to Waterford, and sad to hear they moved the bulk of work offshore to Indonesia - an all to common trend in the past couple of decades. Good to see that donations have kept the museum and collection going. The flight and narration was good mate, kept me entertained from start to finish. Well done Col :clap:

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Thx Chris, glad you liked it and, as ever, your comments are much appreciated. Wedgwood was, and still is, one of the major employers in the area and at least their heritage is assured for a little while longer. :crossed_fingers: Was impressed how they integrated the business with the visitors centre as well.

Excellent video again Colin. Love the bit of a history lesson as well. :+1:

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Thx @JockyB John. Glad you like it. I have GADC to thank for reinvigorating my interest in historical trivia and @clinkadink Chris for encouraging me to use it as a new RTF. Keeps me busy, if not out of trouble! :clap::grin:

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Spot on, great bit of history there, well put together :clap:t2: bravo !

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@Kirky thx Rich. Glad u liked it. Working on the next one now! Jeez it’s never ending! :rofl::rofl:

Have one or two wedge wood bits that were my parents, well, few bits actually, some old some new, all needs sorting out, The loft :scream::rofl:

Could be worth a few Bob. Wedgwood holds it value as far as I am aware. Take a photo of the articles base and google it. Should have a serial No on it etc if genuine. :thinking: Bloody hell, I’m getting into antiques now! :rofl::rofl:

I love antiques programs, I was gonna say my ex !