Wormwood Scrubs - Added to Parks and Recreation in London

I have just added this to the map of places to fly your drone at Drone Scene - Location # 885

Land owner permission not required.

This is an officially marked Model Aircraft field in Wormwood Scrubs - a large area of parkland in West London.

The area is confirmed in the council byelaws here:


There are a lots of information boards around with various rules (see picture).
You’re supposed to fly within the marked zone on the map but it’s a fair size.

Flying is allowed at the following times (unless posted otherwise)
Monday – 1pm to 7.30pm
Tuesday – 9am to 6pm
Wednesday – 4pm to 7.30pm
Thursday – 9am to 6pm
Friday – 1pm to 7.30pm
Saturday – 9.30am to 1pm
Sunday – 10am to 1pm

The site is very near Wormwood Scrubs prison which is obviously a no-fly-zone.
However the actual forbidden area is only the immediate vicinity of the prison so stay well away and you’ll be fine.

The whole site is also with the R160 restricted London zone. There’s some confusion about exactly what that zone means - but it appears to only apply to helicopters.

Indeed - the existence of this officially designated zone within R160 is good evidence that drone flying is allowed within R160.

That makes this one of the closest official flying areas to Central London.

The originator declared that this location was not inside a Flight Restriction Zone at the time of being flown on 26/11/2020. It remains the responsibility of any pilot to check for any changes before flying at the same location.


Interesting location! :+1:

This also gains you two badges for you profile … the Golden Hour Flyer Badge, and the Birds Eye Viewer Badge. :clap:


Here is the thread about the London R160 zone:

There’s a club which flies here:

Here’s a map of the site:


Great shot and very useful information. Well done mate :+1:

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Great location and plenty of useful information. Thanks a lot nathankw.

Well done Nathan thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

Great colours.


Straight out of the Mini 2 - so impressive for such a tiny camera.

I regularly fly here. It’s a nice place to fly, and there are some good people who are also regulars. :slight_smile:

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Anybody still flying in this place?


Please note flying is not allowed may to sept

Park bylaws on notice board say flying allowed 30 sept to 30 April

Details also included in the document linked

The byelaws say “in relation to the period from 30th September to 30th April
inclusive, not during a time when the Council has indicated, by a notice
conspicuously exhibited in the ground, that the ground is being used for other
So, if I understand correctly, you can fly in the summer as along as there are no signs saying otherwise.
I’ve not been recently - are there any such signs?

thx for the the replies… It was a spot we were thinking about exploring, but if its full of restrictions might as well ditch it. When looking at the google maps pictures, the flight area does seem full of high vegetation as well, which would be a pain to deal with…

Anyways, lots of other places to check out I suppose (when considering <250)…

This is interesting bylaws cannot Trump legislation
So as long as you follow the CAA drone code you should be fine