Would a mavic mini be worth buying or should I wait

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Please can I ask what the distance reception is? Is this where the video feed stops after a certain distance?

A lot depends on where you are flying

Wow, thanks. Distance reception, on average, is…?

Hi, it really does depend on where you are flying, i know that doesn’t help but its the truth , normally for me when a fly a bit further its up to about 1000m but it can go at 500m so much depends on interference and weather, you will loose sight of it first though as that little bugger is hard to see, when i have lost reception it has always just returned to home until it picks up reception again , most of the time this is not a problem as mostly i keep it insight and its perfect for that, dont get me wrong i love the mini and i know some users have absolutely no problems with signal at all , if you keep it so you can see it you will be fine .

In my experience until it tells you it has lost reception, 2.5k the furthest, less than 200m the closest.

All depends on the wifi conflicts in the area (built up areas are worst)

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Yes you will get a warning that is lost signal then your heart stops as screen goes black , the drone stops and tries to find a signal then it returns to home point ( always wait when you take off until it says the home point has been updated on the map ) on its way back it will reconnect to the control and you can cancel the RTH and carry on flying, if you had video recording it does not stop that and it keeps recording to sd card

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I also have Hubsan H501S and am seriously considering the purchase of Mavic Mini, mainly to get the better camera with a gimbal. My main concern is the lack of range compared with my Hubsan which is capable of over a mile (I have good eyesight!) even though the controller has no external antennas. Should I also purchase Yagi range extenders at the same time to guarantee a similar range.

If you want long range especially in anything more than the most rural or coastal of areas then the Mini probably isn’t for you.

I love mine but it supplements my MP

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Overthehill I started with the Hubsan and because of price mainly I like you looked at the Mavic mini but I got some good advice on this forum and picked up a Mavic pro second hand due to it been my main drone and wanted it to stand some wind speed and i’m over the moon with it.
If I was you I’d either spend abit more and go for mavic air 2 new or Mavic pro used. :+1:


Where do I find good quality non crashed drones?

Usually on here :slight_smile:

Try posting a “wanted” ad in #for-sale-wanted

Guidance to help: Rules for posting in the For Sale & Wanted category

I got mine from park cameras photo shop or yes people on here when the upgrade. I didn’t use ebay.

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I got my M2p from CEX , 2 year warranty and 14 day returns policy great price too

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