Would you just put a single QR code on your drone?

Would you put a single QR code onto your drone?

That linked page could include your contact details, registration numbers, insurance etc.

With potentially 3 numbers per drone if you fly abroad plus any qualifications it does get a tad confusing!

I am not sure what the punishment is for not actually displaying your registration number on the drone, but I doubt that anything might happen if the QR code actually linked to everything.

With TRUST, EASA, CAA, FAA, Fly ID, A2 CofC etc… it is a bit confusing…

Let’s face it the sticker with the number might have fallen off whilst flying leaving the QR code intact…

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How does that work? Would you use different glue on the QR sticker? :rofl:

I wouldn’t, simply for the fact that I don’t believe enough people in the world know what a QR code is, much less what to do with one :man_shrugging:t2:

That’s never been tested in a UK court. I’d be interested to hear people’s thoughts there too.


I work in data management. Back in 2016 we implemented QR codes as part of watermarking when our documents were approved, allowing the user to quickly scan the document and get taken to the master in the system. We spent quite a bit of time before hand research the adoption of QR codes. Our findings weren’t impressive. Until very recently, they were not widely utilised.

But COVID seems to have changed that. [Source]

Personally, based on their uptake in work (we have circa 8,000 users), I’d still be wary of QR codes. If a drone is lost in the woods somewhere, it is just as likely that an elderly couple walking their dog stumbles across the drone. And my using my folks as a test case, they wouldn’t have a clue what the square little sticker is, or that it links to vital info about the owner, nor how to access this data.

And as Rich has mentioned, how is sticking a QR code to the drone any safer than sticking a label to a drone?


Dodgy ebay stickers :joy: :joy:

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If you have to remove one label for the UK, then replace with one for Europe, then another for the USA you need a decent stock of labels.

In fact I am having to use 4 over the next month with needing a new operator ID.

Just thinking of the trees :joy:

I have had one of these for about a decade now. I use it for many things around the house and garage. You can pick them up for as little as £20.




That’s the same one I have, had it for ages. I use it for everything from printing labels to printing more labels and I’m still on the ‘starter’ tape that came with it when I bought it. :smiley:

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Same for me. I have a few colours too. It just keeps on going. Amazing device.

Not for me, why make someone faff about, when they can just dial a number. I can see the point to not spoil the drone with long stickers, but why make it more difficult for the person that may find your drone. Never had a problem with my sticker labels looking like they might come off.


Covid check-ins … and you couldn’t get a beer without using the table QR code.


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What caused the sudden upsurge of interest in 2014 (and the subsequent dropoff)?

GDPR, i.e. Data Protection Mk2.

And if you accidentally lost the drone somewhere you shouldn’t have, you could delete the website that the QR code points to sharpish! Haha!

(That is intended as humour. I’m not endorsing that!)

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I have just been playing with online QR Code generators. This may help the hard of thinking realise that there is information in those funny squiggles:


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Now I have Rick in my Youtube History, my 9 year is going to give me some stick later :joy:

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And as if by magic, I had to click it.
Is ‘Rick rolling’ still a thing? LOL

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At first view I thought, what a good idea. Then after reading the stats on the amount of take up and the old couple in the woods, I think I’ll be sticking with all my details made with the trusty Dymo label maker.

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These are my stickers with what I think is relevant - suggesting CAA official status, new op i.d. and phone number / drones reunited for when I lose signal flying over prisons or nuclear plants.

Six quid to have your own design printed and cut as many times as will fit a sheet 200mm x 1000mm.

NFC adhesive label, programmable so you can change the details as you fly around the world.

UK police already know how to scan them, they’re used in the Dementia Buddy tags.

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Haha. Mini 2 doesn’t have that much real estate to stick that on there. :smiley: