Wyken Croft Coventry 23/2/20

Hi. I shall be out around 4pm at the below location tomorrow (23rd). If no one comes, I will have to drag the misses along. Sigh!
Nice place, quite a few obstacles too. Quite quiet.
If anyone is up for it, I can give parking locations. 1 is ok. 2 is easier but more of a scenic yomp. @Steviegeek @anon34183503 @crapflyer And anyone else.
@Steviegeek if you come, pack light as it’s a good few mins walk with no vehicle access.



Barring total disasters I’ll be there :+1::+1::+1::+1:

Please elaborate steve lol.

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Sorry guys got to much on and too many things not flying atm. Also winterwhoops :wink:

Are you still coming Steve? I will park at location 1 and meet you there? Can only stay till about 4.45.

Yep, what do you mean by location 1? the Rugby club building??

I’ll leave home at 3;30
your leaving time is Ok, will be cold out there :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

Yeah. There’s a junction. Just park anywhere. What time will you be there?

10 to 4
what about you?

Yeah i’ll be there then

At back of rugby club building

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Not sure this best place to get onto parkland :thinking: