Wyre Light

Drone flight to Wyre Light this morning

Wyre Light is an abandoned screw-pile lighthouse situated on a sandbank in Morecambe Bay about 2 miles off shore from Fleetwood

Flown with a Mavic Air 2


Thanks for adding some context :slight_smile:

I also learnt something new today, I’ve never even heard of a “screw pile lighthouse”, had to google it.

We didn’t have those in London when I was growing up :blush:

Thanks for sharing :+1:t2:

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Out of interest, do you know why it was abandoned?

Was it replaced by something more modern? Or did it just become to costly to maintain or something? :thinking:

I believe there was a fire which seriously damaged the crew accommodation ( yes, it was originally manned ) and light - though repaired, and subsequently automated, I think it generally fell into disuse with the coming of things like GPS and the cost of upkeep became uneconomic

Some more info here https://www.visitfleetwood.info/about/history/lighthouse-wyre-light/

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Can you imagine?! :scream:

We must organise a NW meet up in Morecambe. Every time I go there with the dog we literally have the entire beach to ourselves :blush:

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Sorry but someone had to say it.

How did he know where to build it?
How did he know he was actually in the right place?
How did he get back to it every day?
How did he know how deep he had “drilled” it into the sand?


Good footage by the way. If you hadn’t have known it was there you never have found it.


Almost nothing left now is there. This is what it was like the last time I went out there doing the wreck treck:

Shame they had to stop that it was always a good day, loads of people out, a band playing out there etc.


I guess it’s now in such a bad condition it’s dangerous to approach as it could collapse at any time :frowning:

It’s not that it’s just that the shifting sands have meant that currently the walk out there is too dangerous. It changes all the time, I know someone who once drove around it in a Volvo estate.

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True - you can see from my video that the pattern of sandbanks and gullies is complex and extensive at the moment.

Great article and video

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Great vid, need to get down to your neck of the woods again when all this rubish is over, covid 19 not doing my video archive any good. lol

I tried to get out there on Sunday but some guy came over and started chatting to me and I lost track of where I was heading :man_facepalming:

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Looks like you got about half way there - it’s about 2 miles offshore

I took off a bit further along the shore, and had a bit further to go

I’d be way to scared to send my little Mini 2 all the way out there all on its own. :cry:

I’ll try again, one day. I did get out to the sand bank that is a couple of miles from the coast, that was a few years ago with my Mavic Pro, round trip of 4 miles :sweat_smile:

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Be brave, it’ll come back :eyes: