Thought I would share, only managed to film on three days and two of them were very windy and difficult to grab footage. Had great fun though and now starting to get used to the fact that I need to plan the time of day and time allotted to the hobby instead of trying to grab what I can with two children. This is the MP returned from DJI just before flying out so I did have a few issues that I hadn’t ironed out before flying!


Nice one @Richie looks nice and sunny not at all windy :grin:
what did you use to edit ?

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Thanks. Just iMovie on the mac air. Really debating getting some ios compatible software for editing, any ideas?

Very nicely done.

try DaVinci as its free
did you record in 4k? if so it looks like iMovies has a problem as it looks a little jerky on some of the pans

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I’d Davinci Resolve available for iOS? I wasn’t aware.

it is for Mac OS

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Nice vid! I bet you’re pleased it arrived back in time!

Thought I read iOS. #Duh

I’m curious …

I see the YT is @ 24fps. Is that also the frame rate at which you recorded?
There’s a few twitchy bits.

@ 4:44, as you fly away from yourselves and up … but then it’s OK when you speed up.

Likewise, the left and right edges as you start the circling, slowly, @ 5:32 … but then when you speed it up it’s OK.

Seems like a frame rate beat.

Like the night clips at the end! :+1:

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Two reasons for the jerky bits, one was me as covered in sun cream and unable to find shade, slippy hands and fuzzy screen, then with the wind I found it difficult to get a smooth shot. However the real annoying bit was the MP self auto focusing, this happened a lot, I’ve yet to look at why and didn’t have the time on holiday. In answer to @OzoneVibe I did slow the shot before allowing normal speed flying away so the edit possibly created this effect, I wanted to hold the shot before shooting off. As its a new MP I’m not sure I have all settings right and whilst on holiday rushed a lot of filming before the wife said “Come on the kids are bored”, this lead to not checking camera settings for the light and environment. The gimbal seems different to my first one, a lot looser, often the gimbal travel clamp is off and wedged under it when I get it out of the case. Will do some flying in the UK when I have some time to myself and get things sorted.

Thanks for the software idea and sorry yes Mac OS.

Need to get some lessons on editing…!

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Awesome footage, looked like a great holiday :sunny:

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That would be it. :+1:

It wasn’t the kind of twitching that would come from the controller.

I tend to always shoot @ 60fps … it gives good scope for slowing down without the problem being caused.
Very rarely use 24fps … that’s a value that’s hung over from celluloid film days … and (a) can record fast moving things a bit twitchy and (b) has no multiples for easy speeding up, and slowing down wouldn’t be good.

Anyway … for a longer vid than usual, the editing and music had me happy to watch right to the end. So - pretty damned goo! :+1:

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Thanks for that, I feel an evening of settings checking tonight😁


I am new to video editing but on IOS I am using LumaFusion and it is excellent. It provides any advanced features while remaining very affordable plus there are many online video tutorials available.



Great Video!, did you use any ND or Polarising filters?
You certainly took a chance flying at night in Spain.
I was in Benidorm a while back, and a guy who flew his drone on the front had it instantly confiscated while flying at night.
Met him in a bar a few days later, Never saw his drone again!, just a heads up folks!
The Spanish Coppers are a weird bunch ,to say the least!.
Yet reading the regs, you are supposed to be allowed to fly them at night!
(assuming you are under2 kgs)

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Hi, ND filters only, think in most shots a ND16. I knew the beach was a no fly zone so avoided during the day and only once flew over, during night not a single copper in sight! Made sure I took off no where near I was flying otherwise mobbed by kids playing on the beach. Kept the night flight short as first time ever and found a little unnerving.

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If I head to Spain and intend to do night-shots, I must remember to remove the strobes! :rofl:

Actually - :thinking: - I’d even tape over the MP’s LEDs! :+1:

FPV, the map in the App and RTH would be enough to know where I was at all times.

As long as I can see myself via FPV … that’s VLOS, right? (“Virtual Line of Sight” :wink: )


I was only happy to fly there as I had spent a number of days during the day to know where any obstacles were and where I could fly without crashing. The rest of my group where on the promenade and a few people were looking at the drone saying “its a drone” but only noticed the MP standard lights flashing so perhaps no lights would be good if you are happy that you know where it is and there are no obstacles around your height or path back.

Glad I did it though, love the perspective of everyone walking around, they look like an army of ants, you can also see into each restaurant as they remove there blinds and shades from the roof during the evening.


Precisely! :+1: