Xmas lights event in Oldham


Good photos, nice to see what it looked like from that side of the church. I’m guessing you were the drone with the red lights that I spotted. I was flying a Mini3 from the Sports Centre Car Park on the other side of the church during the fireworks

It was indeed me. Made a rookie error tho’! When I was attaching the strobe, must have pushed against the SD card and loosened it so didn’t get any 4k shots. These are good enough for social media. Nice to have contact. Happy flying

BTW-How is the Mini3? I’m happy with my Mini2 but the 3 seems really good.

Love the Mini3, bought mainly for the ability to take portrait format which I need for some jobs - saves editing time and is better quality. Also like that it has obstacle avoidance and, with the RC controller, I don’t need to use a phone.
I also have a Mini2 which I was going to sell but have kept as I have the occasional indoor job where propeller guards are useful to satisfy H&S.

Interesting! My use is mainly recreational but I do some unpaid stuff with a theatre group if they are filming outdoors.Had mine since 1st lockdown and practiced around the multiple reservoirs in the area. Sound like you are a commercial flyer and photographer. Any tips on improving my skills-greatly accepted. Good to chat.