Yesterday went so well until

Yesterday an FPV liked to fly proximity
Flying at speed clipping a hedge oh for fuximity
It hit the ground hard split
Feel like a right royal twit
In future I’ll stay away from that vicinity!

Oh and anyone got a tip on opening the last mp4 file I’d be humbly grateful - I think the battery was rudely separated before it could finalise the ummm you know

If you can, power the unit up again with the SD card in place, the unwritten data should finish writing to the SD card.

Thanks - I’ll try. And if flames come out of it I’ll write another limerick

If not the goggles should have it

Bingo - it worked! Thank you. I started her up and she vibrated all over the kitchen table! That didn’t come out right.
Although the last frame is about a metre before it hit the hedge. I wonder why the recording has been clipped back.

The drone went into :see_no_evil: mode?


What card are you using? Maybe the write speed was still catching up with the record speed when the battery dislodged so you are a part of a second behind(if that makes any sense at all).

ooooh my fear… crashing the FPV… Unlucky and hope can fix it easily enough. I was getting quite cocky with mine last Sunday and hitting gaps under trees… Had to rein myself back in again…

Yeah think you lost the last few seconds due to the battery being ejected, annoying!! Got it on the goggles DVR?

Aha - that does make sense. Thanks

I don’t have a card in the goggles. Oh, hang on, good point. And too late - I’ve just sent if off!
Crashing and clear thinking don’t always go together!

Now I see what you meant!

You’re right - when I fire up the goggles and click on ‘Find my drone’ it replays the last 30 secs of flight. Do you know if I can copy that footage onto an SD card??? I have tried but can’t see a way.

Did know the goggles had built in storage, no SD card? Interesting, guess some storage. Sorry I know know if you can copy it off, always had SD card in there. VERY important in case you crash and don’t know where, you can watch back!!

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Bad luck! Were you having fun up until the crash? Will you prox again?

I’m new to the DJI FPV quad - is the damage fixable? Replaceable legs etc? I was led to believe it’s a pretty strong bit of kit but I’m not sure what that would be compared to.

It’s always fixable it’s just a matter of how many £’s it’ll cost

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Hi Rob, I was having fun, but it’s always with my heart going like a jackhammer when I try flying close to things.
You are kind to ask - I think it is fixable but with DJI products it’s a question of cost. I would normally try a repair myself but this time I did a right number on it and as it’s an aircraft I prefer someone fixes it who knows what they’re doing. I was warned, before getting in to FPV that I will crash and the DJI FPV crashes expensively. I still went for the DJI one for it’s excellant video quality and stabilisation + GPS + brake function which has saved my bacon a couple of times.
I hope you’re enjoying getting in to FPV - and welcome to the Grey Arrows! This is a truly great site with humour, a depth of knowledge and friendly members. Safe flying!

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