York Trip

Hi All,

Currently in York, no chance of flying the drone as it’s too windy so decided to take some iPhone shots instead. Here’s some photos from first night, let me know what you think.



All great shot but absolutely love the first one. Great

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Its good to see it through someone else’s eyes, been there everyday I just see it as (adopted) home town.

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It really is a great place to call home, only seen it at night so far and can’t fault it in the slightest!

Thank you @mockingbird71 It’s actually shot on the other half’s iPhone 11 Pro, first time we’ve used the night mode feature

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Yeah, really impressed with it! I have the Xs and my night photos last night was dreadful because it doesn’t have the night mode feature, might have to be an upgrade soon :laughing:

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Great shots and it’s got me even more excited as I have a delivery due on just over an hour of a new iPhone 11 :sunglasses:


Cheers mate appreciate it and thanks everyone also

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The quality of low light photos on modern phones these days is stunning isn’t it.

Great pics!

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Here’s some other pictures taken today.


Been working in York about 20 years now, lived there for 3 years but when the family came along moved out to the sticks (about 20 miles away).

The tourists get in the way a bit.

Very quiet today too I’ve heard, what with the Corona scare

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Are you worried? Or is it just another flu. Working where you are and all.

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We’ve sort of known about it since Wednesday, worried? Not really I reckon I have more chance of dying on the commute

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