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Good afternoon all,

Looking for some advice about promoting and sharing of my YouTube videos. I’ve watched many helpful videos from the site about building an audience and subscriber base which, if I’m honest haven’t really helped. I even pay monthly for TubeBuddy which again doesn’t seem to have been much use.

Are there any other sites that you guys use to help promote your channel? I’ve exhausted all the relevant groups on Faceache as well.

All info greatly received :slight_smile:


The only way is to produce quality content regularly and comment on other relevant videos. But really it’s about consistency and high production values.

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You buy some subscribers, get you up the hit list.

Or make some benign shit that goes viral


Holy shit that’s actually a thing :astonished: I thought you was just joking Chris


You can buy dislikes too, they go down well on some the drivel I have endured, well worth 5 bucks

I’d say your channel is pretty limited to be honest. People outside of Essex probably aren’t really that interested. I only really sub to local flyers. If you were to do tutorials, branch out across the UK (who really has time for that unless you’re a professional photographer) then you’d probably expand. These things take time.

Try and get some photos footage in your local press might help assuming readers aren’t all drone police. As well as just joining local communities on FB and maybe again posting pics of their areas and villages etc (helps them become drone friendly) and become engaged with said community (don’t just post pics)

I find Instagram is better to be honest when it comes to photography networking.

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What’s your channel name?

Essex on Film. I understand what @ensignvorik said about the name limitations but I’m loath to change it now and can’t think of a good alternative anyway :slight_smile:

Essex girls on film? :laughing:

Ohh now there’s an idea.

*scrolls through Facebook friends list.

Provide content others don’t. Find an angle no one else has.

I’ve highlighted these 2 before, I watch all their videos. Ian In London factual, interesting, relevant & honest. Windswept Robert films answers to questions posted on earlier videos as well as touring Scotland to film, factual & honest opinions. Can’t understand a word he says but videos are good :joy:

Only joking, it’s Geordie accents I sometimes struggle with.

There’s the problem mate. Although I’m a DJ, believe it or not, I can’t stand being in front of a camera or chatting into a mic. I’ve tried it on videos and I sound like a Darlek on speed! It’s why I do radio :smiley:

I just want to make good quality cinematic videos of beautiful places. I guess its down to quality and promotion then. I’ll keep plugging away and doing the best i can. Thanks for the input guys.

Me neither. But it’s the personal face to face touch that makes people watch I guess

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Add a photo of a nice woman in the thumbnail of the video’s.

That’s a little subjective. Boobs, however, are not.

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