YouTube Shorts

I made a short clip after watching this tutorial

I uploaded it to Instagram and YouTube (It adds it as a short).

Within 5 mins of being live I had 780 views. Which is insain as the orginal video I made online has 261.

So just goes to show shorts get way more hits than normal videos.

This short has now had 1.2k views in less than 24hrs.

Wow that far out reaches any other video I have. I am going to cut another short today and see if the same thing happens.

Shorts actually started because so many idiots uploaded Portrait Mode Videos ( a video should be in Landscape as we all know ) to YouTube, they decided to try and stop this insanity and save their storage space and bandwidth by restricting what you can do with it and calling them shorts, however all those idiots who hold their phones vertical when videoing think this is how it should be for their social media… gulp… ! so it seems to have backfired for YouTube as they get more views and uses more bandwidth, but think of the extra revenue from adverts they get… you cant win… or can you…? Cheers, getting old…

Today I made another short and uploaded it and its bombing badly. Its had 3 hits in the first hour compared to the 700 the one yesterday had. I am guessing uploading at 3-4pm on a Sunday is the perfect time.

I’ve just made one. Just a single shot one to start with. I had some footage I was not sure what to do with…

4 views… I think your first one was the odd one out!

So i wonder why they makes phones the shape they do ;o)

Just for future @TMVideos and @Yith if you right click the short and then ‘copy video URL’ and paste that here in a line of its own you get the nice onebox (as with normal youtube videos) instead of just a link


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So you can put them sideways of course!

And another one… This time a 3-up!

If it’s anything like TikTok there’s no rhyme or reason to why a video performs well. I’ve posted two videos on the same subject previously. One has thousands of views while the other has barely got to 100.

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I wonder if it was because it was my first short?

Or maybe just because it was Sunday evening and everyone was doom scrolling.

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The two shorts I posted earlier have had 105 and 71 views respectively, several Likes and I’ve gained two Subscribers since putting them online.

So there’s definitely something to be said from having a few.

Yes, they got it wrong :wink: two things, one Apple phone actually recorded in Landscape when you held it vertical… didn’t last as it Confused people… say no more… Two TV shows, one being Caught on Camera, the new series are asking people at the end to try and send in Clips in LANDSCAPE if possible, like me they dont want to see just a third of the video, and as we all know, Videos are shot in landscape, and TicTok sticks to what it does best… whatever that is… ha-ha… Cheers

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They’re shaped like books… that’s why…

I thought was due to tiktok and snapchat kind of taking the views off of them, was trying to compete with the progagander platform that is tiktok?

Yes your right, TicTok is for my daughter… not me… ha-ha… thanks for reply… happy flying.


Because one end is supposed to go in your ear and the other end in your gob :smiley:

Anyway, I bring good news for @milkmanchris - Youtube Shorts support is coming to the forum next week :see_no_evil:

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But you can’t watch any videos like that.