Yuneec Q500 4k for spares or rebuild


About 3 months old, only flown about 6 or 7 times. had a bad crash on Christmas morning landing gear broken gimble mount smashed and camera off. complete with extra props 3 batteries and large hard case. Suitable for spares or rebuild. Offers welcome.


Hi Ken,

Do you have any idea of what you will accept, being a newbie I have no idea what to offer.
Being retired it will be something to play around with.




I know the controller alone sells for over £300 from Yuneec and the batteries are about £70 each, I should think that the camera still works it is the Gimble assembly that is smashed. The wheeled hard case sells for about £50 so for a quick sale I would expect around £250


Have you got some photos showing what is for sale and some close ups of whatever is damaged?
It might help it sell.


I Have paired the transmitter and the camera all ok three motors spin up ok , the one on the damaged leg is twisted in its holder and seems seized.


I think looking at it you might be better off contacting Yuneec for a repair price.
Or I’ll give you a chrisp £20 for it :laughing: