ZD550 CAD files

In an effort to find a home for all the gubbins my drone will have, I have created FreeCAD models of the base plate and the arm stanchions for my ZD550 quad frame (available from all the usual scumbags at the Big Rock Candy Mountain).

I’ve also created a DWG of the base plate and stanchions from a top-down view, moving the occupied screw holes to a separate layer.

The top plate and battery compartment are on the list of parts to model next, and they’ll go up as I need them on my drone (FreeCAD is like an abusive lover, you know you’re going to get hurt but you just keep going back).

The files are on my DropBox feel free to nab them and use them as you want. If you can sell them, I want 80% of the proceeds :slight_smile:



Seriously though. Nice work!

70/30 and you have yourself a deal :slight_smile:



From knowing exactly what you are talking about here, I can see how much work this has taken.



Hey! Do you still have the CAD files for the frame available? Looks like the dropbox files were deleted.

I seem to have accidentally deleted them from DropBox at some point! I’ve added them back now at this link:

Let me know if you can’t access them, DB is being a bit weird for some reason.


John Ive added them here if that’s ok

ZD550 quad frame drawings.zip (1.7 MB)


Yes this works! Thank you I appreciate it!

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