Zenmuse Z3 (zoom)

I decided that my I1, not V2 needed something, so when BH Video in NY, USA dropped the price I of course bought one. Of course never considered they dropped price likely because not many people buying them. Regardless, the reviews and the thought of a WA and TEL controlled by Go seemed appealing and the review, meager tho’ they were IMO, gave a hearty thumbs up. All of this pre-stuff has nothing to do with question, but I love the YELLOW-HIGHLIGHTED suggestion box, so, trying to make it interesting or justify my actions. LOL

The question is a ridiculous one as I can navigate quite well in the Go app, and yes, it does zoom as it should but there is no way to shoot aperture priority. Ugh, only auto as best I can tell (might remember manual) but the settings are not there for aperture. While I’m at best a lousy videographer but a fair photographer I like to shoot in the magic f5.6 (with Z3 a bit more stopped down) and set lens at hyperfocal distance and forget about focus. What happened to all of the controls on the Z3? Is there some firmware update that’s not showing up in Go? Or, is it just the nature of the Z3?

Anyone with a Z3 I’d appreciate your comments. Thanks in advance.

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I’ve got the Z3 camera too :+1:t2:

In terms of controls within the GO app, the only (additional) controls I’ve seen are for the zoom itself? :thinking:

The X5 gives me lots more options, but the Z3 only gives me the same options as the X3. And as the X3 has the same sensor as the Z3, that’s right… isn’t it?

I kind of figured as such, but being somewhat new thought perhaps there might be some upgrade or obscure menu that I missd but sadly not. Help me here, may I call you Rich? And, thanks for quick reply.
Now, as an American may I have permission to use, bloke, bloody, and a few other choice British nouns, verbs, etc. LOL


Alas no :confused:

You may, that’s my name :blush:

Permission granted :rofl:

You can even say blimey! too, especially if something is the dogs bollocks :slight_smile:

We say arse a lot too, when it’s not :smiley:

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