After some jealousy of a few peoples zoom footage and pics I managed to get my hands on one of these on the bay.

Genuine new zoom camera removed from a mavic 2.

Now it leaves me wondering what drone I have? M2PZ?


That is NOT what the POoM badge is for … before you get any ideas! :laughing:

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Is there a difference between the firmware? Or can you just chop and change at will?

I read earlier today that there is a difference in the firmware but someone is working on a fix.

Got a link to that?

Everything I’ve read is that the firmware are identical and identifies the camera on startup.

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I’ve seen YTs where they just swap and work.
There is only an M2 firmware - no difference for the camera in use.

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… one way to find out … :wink:

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Unless something has changed in recent firmware.

I’ve not updated mine this year so should be fine.

I’ll fit it later tonight.

Torrential rain so wont get a flight any time soon.


You can test everything indoors. Don’t need to fly.

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I remember Rich tried his Inspire zoom on the deck by his house. :wink:


I’ll go get some screwdrivers out the shed when I can brave going out in the rain.

Full of the cold and aching all over.


Then the exercise will do you good …. running to the shed and back! :wink:


Look forward to seeing how it turns out :+1:


It was on Facebook and I got it wrong sorry, I mixed it with something else I read.
It just states that it will work but throw an error code.
Being FB you know how accurate that could be.

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I did read something where some guy got an error code but it flew fine.

For most other people it was seamless and GO4 detected the correct model for whatever camera was fitted.

Will find out soon enough.


I did indeed, when I got the Zenmuse Z3 camera :+1:t2:

@callum does GO4 put the same T/W buttons on screen as it does in GO3?

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Not sure how it works on the zoom. Ill find out tomorrow.

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Swapped out the camera.

Took around 5 minutes but could easily do it in less.

It’s just 6 small cap screws, lift out camera, disconnect connector and your ready to fit the new one.

Powered up and GO4 detected it as a zoom. All functions working, no errors.


Whooooooop! … since we are into words with an excess of the letter “o”. :wink: