180 pano help please

I can do 360 no problem with APG but I am struggling with 180’s consisting of 9 images.
I know I probably just have to change some settings but I’m lost on it.
I also have ps2020, lightroom and PTGui if one of them would be easier/better? Can anyone shed some light please?

For 180’s, I just drag and drop the dng files into PS. They will open in Camera Raw. Select all > Right Click > Merge to Panorama. PS doesn’t like 360’s mind, well … not for me anyhow.

That simple?
The tutorial I read this morning was like 5 pages of A4 and all it done was make me want to smash things!!!
I’ll give it a try, thanks


That’s my process.

  • 180s > PS
  • 360s > AGP

And if either fails, MS ICE.