180 pano of Perranporth, Cornwall

Hope everyones ok

Here’s a 180 of perranporth taken yesterday.


Stunning lee! :ok_hand: can just see that on a long canvas!

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thats exactly the point mark, putting together a collection of these from around the coast and selling as wall art

Got one of the mount in my lounge on metallic print and one of gwithian on acrylic, look lovely

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This would look good on my living room wall!

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ian thats the idea, these look great on metallic dibond finish, i have one of st michaels mount and as the light of the day changes so does the picture

Would love that picture on my wall, great shot.

@jimvfrmoto750 that can be arranged, it is for sale on my site obviously a discount for grey arrows members is available. so for any details let me know.

Perranporth? Where’s that @lee?

Your geography! :man_facepalming:


Never heard of it :man_shrugging:

Would have thought you’d been around Cornwall many times with your camper van. :wink:

I may have even been to Perranporth and not known :scream:

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As I said …


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Topic title updated, just in case :slight_smile:

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Can you tell me who you use for the wall art printing on metallic/acrylic?

@PingSpike Rich, Perranporth is on the north coast of cornwall, west of newquay, amazing beach when the tide is out

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@Davalan1 hi, I use Loxley for my wall art as they are attached to smugmug, where i host my site but also because the quality and packaging is excellent.

I have used some companies and have had issues with both of the above.

Thanks for the info. I’d like to try an acrylic or metallic large pano of mine but just not sure what to go for and it’s an expensive mistake if I don’t like it. Any advice you can give would be great.

of course it helps t o make sure its well edited. you don’t want to order it and when it comes you see something you wished wasn’t there.

Are you a photographer? if you want me to have a look, happy to