2018 Fireworks Challenge


Two winning entries
Ok the only two
weathers shit here


My entry above was taken on Friday 2 nd November 2018 at 7.35pm in Ber Street, Norwich.


Added info to your post


thanks Callum ,forgot to do that !


Another night of firework displays and another night of rain.


Yep more rain all the local displays are now in Bristol if they bother. Staying in the warm me thinks🤔


Part Two of the Norwich Castle Fireworks for the offering.
Taken from at Private Car Park in Ber Street on Friday 2nd Nov from a DJI Mavic Air, with Full Auto settings on the Camera at 60 fps, Cropped to fill screen, taken at 77 metres straight up from our location, distance to Fireworks approx. 600 yds.
Hope you enjoy !.

Norwich Castle is a medieval royal fortification in the city of Norwich, in the English county of Norfolk. It was founded in the aftermath of the Norman conquest of England when William the Conqueror (1066–1087) ordered its construction because he wished to have a fortified place in the town of Norwich. It proved to be his only castle in East Anglia. In 1894 the Norwich Museum moved to Norwich Castle and it has been a museum ever since. The museum & art gallery holds significant objects from the region, especially works of art, archaeological finds and natural history specimens.

The castle is one of the city’s Norwich 12 heritage sites.
(courtesy of Wikipedia)


Most of the big ones were last night over here, there are some smaller ones tonight but no chance of doing anything tonight.
Back in work tomorrow so up at 3am and then 2am for Tuesday, there is a display at a local golf club tomorrow night but it says 1700 to 2100, that tells me nothing and if I’m honest I think this challenge has already been won anyway.


Well done Chris.


Heres my entry! :smiley:


Thanks for the entry @sunstone

And a little reminder :slight_smile:


Sorry @sunstone - I just noticed the length of your video.

Would you like to submit a shorter version mate?


Thanks @MementoMori !, was only my second time flying at night, the other time was nearly 3 years ago, in Bergen !


Just heard some bigger than standard fireworks, my daughter was out the back with the dog and calls me to says the rain has stopped, when I went to look the nearby golf club was having a display, typical.
I rushed upstairs, set up the P4P, went straight up and caught about 10 seconds :rofl:
I might have an entry yet :laughing:


good for you !


Then the bugger went into ATTI trying to land.
What’s all that about?


This shot came at the end of a long day. We’d made good time on our way through the jungle to the overnight camp and decided to progress on, rather than waiting until Morning. There were whispered rumours of a firework display organised by the locals, so we thought we’d take a look, although it would have to be discreet as we weren’t invited.

Sadly our efforts to stay undetected were unsuccessful. One of the village elders saw the lights on the bottom of the drones and came looking for us. The conversation quickly escalated as he demanded to see FAA registration, and that all footage was deleted ‘because of GDPR’. I tried to explain that this had nothing to do with the United States, and that GDPR was irrelevant was I was flying 150 feet up and it was dark. Things threatened to turn ugly, but I pacified him with a £5 Starbucks voucher I’d found lying in the bottom of my bag, and one of those Big Mac coupons that WH Smith insist on giving you when you only went in for a book of stamps. Pretty soon we were on our way. I was relieved, even though part of me knew I’d want a flat white the following morning and I’d regret giving away that Starbucks voucher.

Who am I kidding? It’s from a car park in Norwich on Friday, taken at the same time as Chris & Tim’s entries.

Edit: Too ****ing long innit! I’ll shorten to less than 30secs


Can I just remind everyone of this please :blush:


Thanks Russell :rofl:


I was thinking?, how the bloody hell did he go from here , get to a jungle. somewhere, nick my Big Mac Vouchers and Starbuck Coupon, when I only saw him 2 nights ago !.
You had me going there Russell !.
Covert Flying is our game !.
I am just waiting now for @UnluckyTimmeh to say he has done the “Isle of Man TT”, done a motor cycle run from “Land’s End to John’o’Groats”, and that’s just this weekend !!.
Oh!, nearly forgot and was “Pitman” in the MotoGP !
(P.P.S. @UnluckyTimmeh, when you need some to ride on the back of that BIG 1600 BMW Bike you showed us in the show room !
I am still washing me pants from the last ride I had !!