2018 Golden Hour Challenge

120 m? I thought it was 400m… Oops! Is that new?

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On 30 July the UK drone rules changed to make it against the law to fly above 400ft (120m)


While stunning to see and most of us have probably broken the drone code at some point but I find flying at that height totally irresponsible


Here are my entries, both near Thelwall Viaduct.


Having had my first video disallowed I will start the first of my 5 entries with this vide of the sea mist over Portsmouth. This was taken at 6.66 am on Friday 5th October. The sun was just above the horizon but because of the amount of low cloud it gave such an ethereal atmosphere that the video has. I was hoping that the mist would stay longer for more sun to bounce off, but it was gone in a matter of minutes. Considering the small size of the sensor in the Mavic Air, I think it coped brilliantly with this.


300m? Totally irresponsible? Seems a bit harsh

My second entry is from the small time and days as the vide, but looking in the direction of the sun. You can see more clearly how the sea mist was covering Portsmouth and South Parade Pier Just visible. Again there is grain due the the higher iso required - but still the Mavic Air has handle it extremely well.


For my third entry something a bit different to the rest. The golden hour is not just about the sunrise but named because if the golden light it gives and I especially like the morning golden hour. This picture is of old Portsmouth again but taken especially in the morning of the 7th October about 7.45am. Its has Portsmouth cathedral in the foreground and the Spinnaker Tower to the right. Across the water is Gosport. I also took a panoramic image which I really like that I will post under that thread sometime soon.


My fourth entry is back to the mist - well that’s what we all love in Autumn and images that can only really be captures by drone. This was taken at Arundel about 7.55 on 15th October, although I got there a lot earlier! I arrived in the dar and was really hoping thatchy might be some mist - but you can never be sure. Again, it didn’t stay as long as I hoped, but I really liked this image with the colours and the shadows of the trees. I really want to go back here again.



My final image is from Portsmouth again. It was take on the same morning of 7th October just after sunrise. it may not look like a drone pictures at forts due to the low level, but get this drone is flying above the harbour water. I initial was flying higher, but thought it would be good to capture the rising sun through the big wheel. This one had an extra bonus as the owners of the fairground have asked to use this image!


Well all in one day we’ll impressed @BrianB
Congrats great shots


That last image you posted :heart_eyes:

Not when it’s over twice the legal height for a drone. Not knowing the drone laws had come into effect isn’t really an excuse, as a drone user we should all know what the laws are. We have probably all broken them to a degree, flying lower or not being within VLOS, generally because the Mavics are so small, but to deliberately put one that high I personally find that irresponsible. That’s just my opinion, you and anybody else are free to disagree.


I think that Paul has made clear my view, and I believe the view of many others that want to keep our hobby legal and not give others the chance to try and close us down @tom.at.rye.

I really appreciate the desire to want to push our drones to the limit and capture fantastic pictures, I really do. But we are in a vulnerable situation at the moment. New laws already in place, more coming next year and even more on the cards. If we are not careful they could legislate us hobbyist out of existence.

We need to show that we are not a risk to aircraft and the wider public and I am afraid that your video could be used against us. Sorry, but we do Need to be honest, and be able to share these views on this forum.


@sparkman999. Thanks but posted on the same day but captured over a couple of weeks, the dates are on the images.

Thanks @Callum :smile::pray:t2:

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I sit corrected

That big wheel one Brian is superb ! ,
I would be chuffed as nuts with that one !.