2018 Golden Hour Challenge


That big wheel one Brian is superb ! ,
I would be chuffed as nuts with that one !.


Have to agree with both @Paul_M and @BrianB, people see them sort of videos as “ putting a nail in our coffin” ignorance of the law is not an excuse.
Yep, we’ve mostly all done it, in the past, then is then , now is now.
I don’t like the new laws, like most of us, but we have to be seen as complying with them.


So - that’s the end of the 2018 Golden Hour Challenge!

It will be a few days before the results will be announced! As per the Ts/Cs - we’ve not even started to score any entries!

Thanks all those that have entered! :+1:


Thanks Chris :blush:




Thank you :blush:


Drum roll ……

… one that will last about 40 minutes. :wink:

The results for the 2018 Golden Hour Challenge will be revealed at about 8pm, and the badges for the lucky winners handed out!

The tension builds!!! :+1:


So we have to wait till eastenders has finished …


I wouldn’t know.


OK, everyone! The results you’ve all been waiting for are in!!!

The judges have scored all 57 entries, each judge’s scores have been ranked from 1st to 57th, all the ranks have then been averaged, and then those averages have been ranked for the final positions.

What the judges really noticed was the overall quality of the entries that made the judging very tricky, but all judges agree that the method used, and the result it created, has produced the correct result.

So - new shiny badges will be flying out as follows …

In 3rd place, winning the 2018 Golden Hour Winner - Bronze badge, is @sparkman999!! :trophy:

In 2nd place, winning the 2018 Golden Hour Winner - Silver badge, is @Homer!! :trophy: :trophy:

And … your winner … who receives the 2018 Golden Hour Winner - Gold badge is …… @BrianB!!! :trophy: :trophy: :trophy:

Congratulations to the winners, and congratulations all entrants for the quality of the photos and videos submitted.

The top 25 entrants are re-posted below in their final ranking positions.





















































Congratulations everyone :tada:

This was a seriously hard challenge to judge!

The quality of entires was just incredible, it really was :bowing_man:


Well done to the winners :+1: stunning photos all

Love the competitions so thanks to admin for the organisation and with some great entries it couldn’t have been easy to judge


Well done guys!

As @Pingspike said this was a really hard one to judge.

Even the ones not on the top 25 were incredible.


Congratulations to the winners and well done all that took part.

Okay, what’s the next one? :crazy_face:


Congrats to everyone, enjoyed seeing all the entries.


Well Done @BrianB, soon as I saw that ferris wheel, I thought !! WINNER !!!.
Well deserved 2 nd place @Homer , and Well done @sparkman999 Jeff !, getting up early WAS worth it !


Great photos everyone . Contrasts !
Enjoyed seeing them coming in.


Congratulations to everyone who took part
Well done @BrianB & @Homer two excellent entries
Can I add my thanks to @milkmanchris & @mickydd for arranging the Humber bridge meet up otherwise I wouldn’t have an entry or a nice breakfast…


Doing a shoot/meet without shorts…


by the way, @BrianB @Homer and @sparkman999 … don’t forget you can have your new badges to display after your user name … in place of existing ones, if you want. :wink: