2018 Golden Hour Challenge


Thanks everyone for the comments and to the judges - really chuffed. I will wear my badge with pride. :grin:

Congrats also to @Homer and @sparkman999 and to all the entrants- so many great pictures and videos.

I Just want to say a massive thank you to the organisers- this competition has again pushed me to get out with my drone and try different things. Cant wait til the next one


Too much info, bro!
Thanks to all the entries - really high standards but looking forward to my free holiday as 2nd prize…:grin:


Well done Brian, Clarence Pier has never looked so welcoming, and all with a Mavic Air! It’s not the lens, it’s the person behind it.


Point well and truly made Doug! :joy:


The badge is looking good!!! :+1:


That top 25 are so damned good I’ve just scrolled through them, slowly, again!
Well done everyone! :+1::+1:


Well done everyone.
Congratulations to the medalists.
Makes you realise how privileged we are to see the world from a different perspective to most people and what stunning views there are to be seen up there.
Cheers to all contestants.


Well done everyone


You’re on your own for that one sorry :grin:


@milkmanchris always wears shorts hence the challenge


Big grin here :grinning:


Congrats to winners. I really appreciate this user group and the quality if everyone’s work and the knowledge and participation. I’ve never been much of one for forums and groups but this one seems like a great resource for learning and sharing and appreciations!! Cheers all!! And amazing photos from all. Glad I wasn’t one of the ones trying to judge!! Hard to pick winners :slight_smile:


Congratulations to all that entered. Some truly fantastic shots and I am completely in awe at some of the skills on display. Well done to the winners!


A very well done to BrianB. A worthy winner.
Heaven knows how anyone can judge such quality as these entrants have submitted.
In my eyes they were all winners, breathtakingly beautiful, full of talent, they all show the beauty of this wonderful island we call home, bathed in the warmth of our nearest star. Thank you, each and every one of you.


Well done to all who won and all who took part. Joined this group a bit late and before I knew what I was doing. Having a comp like this certainly inspires me to go out. So hopefully there will be another. Once again well done to all, Truly inspiring.


We always have competitions in the pipeline, so don’t worry, you can catch the next one soon. :wink: