2018 Golden Hour Challenge


Thanks !, much appreciated.


I’ll post this as my second,


I have not tried it myself yet Chris, any tips / advice.


Got to confess, it was my first attempt !.
I set the Mavic Air at the altitude I wanted (50 metres), pointed it in the direction I wanted.
Set the Camera on Auto Exposure, for a shutter speed of every 2 secs, and let it do a full battery of pictures.
Then processed in a hyper lapse suitable software, the Mavic did move a little, but, you have to live with that.
I need to process the film I got, yet to be happy with the software I have !!.


Thanks, will give that a try. I had actually forgotten it had that feature!


Anyone else hoping to enter this Challenge?

At the moment it seems @MementoMori and @chrisjohnbaker have the badges all to themselves :grimacing:


I’m hoping people are taking loads and will submit their best five in the final days. :+1:


Yeh the weathers perfect for flying and sunsets…NOT


I haven’t managed to fly for over 3 weeks due to the high winds… and now rain!


Same here mate.

M2P has only had 1 flight.

Hoping for at least one decent day that I’m not working.


Good old Bamburgh Beach, no wind and no rain…hurray !!
Taken 22nd September @07:15am
Mavic Air


Bamburgh HDR
Taken at 06:30am 22nd September with Mavic Air, about 40mins before sunrise starts


Some cracking entries there Barry! :clap:


i was still asleep…


I was at work and it was still raining. Grrr. Very nice pics by the way😁


Another fantastic sunrise missed this morning :disappointed:
Anybody want to buy some well looked after quads :thinking:


This is the sunrise this morning from the edge of my village. I had intended to do a hyper lapse but I was a bit late and worried about missing the sun coming up and so I decided to do a basic video and edit later. Due to the length, I decided to try speeding it up to hopefully give it the look of a hyper lapse - first time I have tried this.

Not a winning video I know because to much movement but I enjoyed the change of light and as I haven’t shared many videos yet, I thought I had better start :grinning:


Might need to speed it up a bit more. :wink:

Nice, though … I’ve done loads of land-based sunrise time-lapses. Most have been about this time of year, too.
It’s a great test of the Mavic’s stability, for sure. :+1:

It’s an interesting idea for Litchi, too …. would avoid minor accidental stick input whilst providing movement. Basically, that’s pretty much what the M2 Hyperlapse is, I suppose, and why it produces smooth results.
That’s an early wake up tomorrow, then. :wink:


Mice vid all the same. Didn’t know there was that time in the morning. Duvet wouldn’t let me go honest😀


Thanks Dave, missed that rule will have a look later