2018 Golden Hour Challenge


Thanks @pilningpilot hence why I went just around the corner! :joy:


I must have a look at Litchi, though sounds like I might need to be a bit more organised!!!


So finally taken the plunge and downloaded Litchi! See if I can make use of it for the golden hour challenge as still a few weeks to go…


I’m hoping to use it for tomorrow’s sunrise, too. :+1:


Bit soon for me though going for a sunset tonight for a sunrise and sunset double day! :smile:


Hi Chris , tried this tonight but the fastest timed shot setting I have is 5 seconds on Dji go app, which is too slow to get enough shots on a 14 minute flight (need the time to get it back!). Were you using a different app to get 2 seconds?


I am on latest Go4 App, I just selected the lowest shutter speed that was available at the time.
Not sure without doing a check with the drone connected, I will let you know.
Not sure if it was down to the amount of light coming into the drone lens ,at the time, the shutter speed was 2 secs


The Go4 goes down to 1 shot every 2 secs for the Mavic Pro.

Can’t recall, Brian, is yours the MP?


Just rechecked mine and definitely lowest was 5 seconds and a maximum of 30 seconds! which seems high. Have to see if other apps like litchi have better options similar to the settings on the hyperlapse for the Mavic2


This was done on a Mavic Air


Mavic Air Dave


I am sure firmware up to-date so not sure why the difference


That’s not the issue, then. :confused:


I’ll have to fire the bird up tomorrow and see exactly how I done it !


Thanks Chris as thinking I am going mad, which is not unusual :laughing:


Just double checked mine and almost died … 10 secs was the lowest! :open_mouth:

But in jpeg only, 2 secs!

Didn’t check RAW only.

My usual setting is RAW+JPEG


Brian, were you in JPEG only? Or RAW or RAW+JPEG?


that’s what I was shooting in Dave, Jpeg, hence the 2 sec setting.
RAW would not be able to be saved to card in 2 seconds would it?


Either RAW or RAW+JPEG give me 10sec minimum. But I’m not on latest firmware or Go4.


Thanks for persevering yes I was shooting RAW and JPEG

I agree Chris, must be because of the time for RAW processing. A shame because RAW will be far better for creating a timelapse at night

Another reason to buy the Mavic Pro 2! :wink:

Thanks again both